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Re: [directfb-users] porting etch graphic installer to mips/lemote

Vern Sun wrote:
I am porting etch graphic installer to a mips based Desktop system
(Lemote/Fulong[1]) and am having a problem running dfbinfo.

Cool! right now g-i works on i386, amd64, ppc (partially), support for mips would be great!

== Crash problem when dfbinfo is running in chroot jail.
But it works fine without a chroot.
/dev# /usr/lib/directfb-0.9.25/bin/dfbinfo


Unfortunately i cannot help you with such platform, but i know Davide Viti had been working in the past to port g-i on ARM or MIPS (cannot remeber correctly right now). Because the g-i is (hopefully) moving to DFB 1.0 soon, i suggest you perform preliminar tests with dfb 1.0 anf gtkdfb compiled against dfb 1.0 on aregular debian system. Btw, i suggest you to cc debian-boot, as the most part of the development of the g-i takes place there.



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