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Re: FYI: Current package build status for the mips port

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> I went through the whole set of failing builds for mips, fixed some
> bugs and had at least a cursory look at each package.

As the maintainer of one of the packages on this list I'd like to say
I appreciate your taking the trouble to do this.

> monotone	# tries to run testsuite outside build dir

I noticed this myself, and it will be fixed in the next upload, which
will be within a few days.

It isn't actually trying to run the testsuite outside the build
directory.   The mtn binary normally looks for a per-user
configuration file in $HOME.  If that file or any of its containing
directories, in particular $HOME itself, don't exist, it carries on
with its built-in defaults, but if it gets any error but "doesn't
exist" on the open(), it bombs out.  The mips(el) buildds -- unlike
all the others, apparently -- set $HOME to a directory that exists but
is inaccessible.  Thus, the one invocation of the mtn binary from the
testsuite that *doesn't* carefully disable the per-user config file
(because it's just running --version, which user configuration cannot
affect) failed and the build died.

0.37-2 will carry on with the built-in defaults if it can't read the
per-user config file for any reason, not just ENOENT, and I'm glad to
have caught and fixed this bug before anyone tripped over it in
production use.  However, it would be nice if this difference in
configuration between the mips buildds and all the others were
documented somewhere more obvious; it took me quite a bit of
head-scratching to figure out what was wrong.


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