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Debian Etch on RaQ2 - "Unit boot fails"

Hi debian-mips!

Yesterday I got delivered a used Sun Cobalt RaQ2 (64MB RAM) and tried to install Debian as described in this really good howto: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/cobalt/install.html

So I configured DHCP and NFS ans described. Network boot runs and I can choose whether I want to start the installer via ssh or serial. As I don't have the right cable for serial installer I choose ssh. I always get "Unit boot failed". Do you need any additional information?

Some questions to the DHCP settings:
The machine where the DHCP/NFS is running on is not my internet gateway. Should I set the DNS- and routers option to the IP of the internet gateway in my network? I tried everything, but always the same error.

Thanks for any hints!


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