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Re: About openoffice linux/mips porting

Hmm, why would anyone need to have asm snippets in a document processing suite? And it looks like the bits are ABI-dependent, so at least three variations (if the changes are endianness-safe) would be required to handle all the ABIs that we support.
Openoffice wants to be able to interact with plugins written in many languages, instead of writting a module for each possible combination it chooses the so called bridge: every language interact with a common middle language.

So we have now foreign function interfaces for at least OpenOffice, Mozilla,
Clisp and GCC's libffi. libffi recently got support for N32/N64 ABIs, and
is the only solution which isn't bound to a specific application (as long
as GCC is used).

Using libffi from Openoffice looks like the best long-term approach to me.
Good to know the library:) I am not very familiar with the ABI details so the code is more or less only a hack to get the most part work.
Maybe the occasional crashes of our OOo are related to the bugs.


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