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Re: Renaming eth0 on SGI O2

* Stuart Longland <redhatter@gentoo.org> [2007-05-14 09:29]:
> I seem to recall a patch being applied to the upstream Linux/MIPS kernel
> that forces mace to become "eth0".  Have a look at gitweb on
> <http://www.linux-mips.org/>, the patch will be somewhere on that site
> ("MACE" should be a good keyword to try).  In order to allow renaming,
> this patch has to be reversed.
> The point of this patch is to facilitate netbooting, the logic was that
> since the PROM can only talk to MACE for netbooting, the kernel should
> ensure that eth0 is always MACE.  Thus removing the need to swap
> ethernet cables over.

I don't believe that's true.  I remember a patch moving meth.o further
up in the Makefile to help netbooting, but that patch got rejected:
Martin Michlmayr

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