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Re: Debian 4 on Qube 2700

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Jim Cheetham <jim@gonzul.net> [2007-05-16 14:04]:
On 09/05/07, Jim Cheetham <jim@gonzul.net> wrote:
lspci reports a DECchip 21041 [Tulip pass 3], and I seem to remember
Running 'strings' over the kernel file shows that the Tulip driver is
present, but only "Digital DS21140 Tulip" "Digital DS21143 Tulip" and
"Intel DS21145 Tulip" are listed (grepping -i for 'tulip' or

The string 21041 is found, but that's probably irrelevant ...

I'm pretty sure the right module is compiled in.  There was a bug once
that would cause the driver not to work on a Qube 2700, but again that
got fixed.  If Peter doesn't have time to look at this, I can take a
look at the begininng of August when I have my Qube 2700 again.

I'll take a look at the weekend. The kernel should contain the string "21040 MAC" ...


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