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madwifi on debian etch (2.6.28-4-r5k-cobalt)



i work with an Cobalt Qube2, on it i installed debian etch because i want to use it as wireless router. So I tried to compile the madwifi-ng driver for atheros wireless cards. While running make the process cancelled with the massage

Makefile.inc:198: *** TARGET mips-elf is invalid, valid targets are:

alpha-elf ap30 ap43 ap51 ap61 arm9-le-thumb-elf armv4-be-elf armv4-le-elf i386-elf mips-be-elf mips-le-elf mips1-be-elf mips1-le-elf mipsisa32-be-elf mipsisa32-le-elf powerpc-be-eabi powerpc-be-elf powerpc-le-eabi sh4-le-elf sparc-be-elf sparc64-be-elf x86_64-elf xscale-be-elf xscale-le-elf.  Stop.


I don´t know why the system identifies it as mips-elf the kernel is compiled with little-endian.

So I tried to compile with make ARCH=mips-le-elf but got Architecture mismatch.


Do you know this problem and can show a solution?




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