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Re: Debian instalation on an SGI Indy workstation

A lot of the information that you will find out there is becomming outdated. I've done this several times.

First question, do you have a SCSI CDROM for the machine, or can borrow one for a day? If so, that might save you a whole lot of time getting started - especially as people often botch it the first time and end up redoing it.

If not, then you'll need to go the netboot route with a DHCP server, TFTP server, etc...

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Subject: Debian instalation on an SGI Indy workstation
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I want to install a debian system on an Indy SGI station.
For the moment I have not access to the machine, but I'm looking  for
I've found this HOWTO: http://www.pvv.org/~pladsen/Indy/HOWTO.html

Well, I only want to know if anybody has done it to have some more

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