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Cobalt QUBE2

I'm about to put this QUBE2 up on Ebay, but I thought I'd give this list a shot at it first - my way of giving a bit back, I guess...:-)

It's a QUBE2, 192Mb RAM, that had the standard QUBE Hard Drive and software installed. I've upgraded the drive to 80Gb, and added a 4 port USB card (I'll supply the original drive just in case you want to go back).

It's running Debian at the moment, fully updated, and has been up for something like 85 days since last reboot. I'll reset everything and clean my FTP stuff off it before it goes.

It owes me around $130AUD so any offers around that figure, plus postage. I'm happy to package it up and ship it overseas, but I'd prefer that someone in Australia, and Sydney at that, made use of it.

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