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vsftpd on IP27

Hello list,

I have Etch running on an IP27 and an IP32.  On one, the latter, vsftpd 
runs fine.  On the former, it will only run w/out an a config file (i.e. 
defaults to anonymous access only).  This holds true whether I am running 
it standalone (daemon) or via xinetd.

In standalone mode (with config file), when launching vsftpd from the 
command line it will crash with one of the following outputs:

  # vsftpd 
  500 OOPS: munmap


  # vsftpd 
  Segmentation fault

on crash, something like this will occasionally show up in dmesg:

  Data bus error, epc == 000000000040fe48, ra == 000000000040fe44

This problem is only happening on my IP27 system (I can't reproduce it on 
IP32).  For giggles I've tried building and installing debs from source, 
and also rolling back a version or two - all to no avail.

Everything else on this system: apache, postfix, etc. all work flawlessly.  
Does the list have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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