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qube alternatives?


sorry for bringing up this more off-topic question,
but i am stomped.

since my qube died some time ago, am am struggling to find any

i looked at the NSLU2, but that does not have enough ram, 
and soldering in more is not an option.

i am searching for some out-of-the-box server appliance that can run debian.

out-of-the-box here refers to the hardware only, as long as debian is
the qube was ideal.  but there seems to be nothing on the market out
there today that is even remotely similar.

i do not want to build my own. (i simply have no resources for that)
i need something that is easy to maintain or replace.

the place where it will be running has no on-site technical staff, so it
needs to be easy to transport and ship to someone if maintainance is
really needed.

the thing is going to run a few application level proxies (http, smtp,
etc) cpu speed is not critical (the usage is not high, so it's ok if it
is not to fast, but it should have enough ram so that when there is lots
of traffic the machine does not start swapping)

does anyone have suggestions?
(a better place to ask about this might also be helpful)

greetings, martin.
ps: i started looking at thin clients: HP Compaq t5725 looks nice.
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