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RE: PCI-to-IDE Cards for BCM91480b

1GB of memory is being used.  2 DDR2 512MB modules are used, each is
PC2-4200 (Micron MT18HTF6472AY).  An I/O Flex Ultra ATA/133 PCI-to-IDE
controller is used, and the card contains a Silicon Image Sil0680ACL144


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* Gary Smith <gary.smith@3phoenix.com> [2006-12-12 13:56]:
> I am in the process of installing Debian Linux to a disk drive using a
> BCM91480b evaluation platform, and I am using a third-party PCI-to-IDE
> to connect between the 91480b evaluation board and the drive.  I've
> encountered various DMA issues when installing or using Debian, and I am
> curious to know if using another PCI-to-IDE card would solve the problems
> I've encountered.  Are there particular PCI-to-IDE cards that are
> recommended for use with Debian Linux and the BCM91480b platform?

I'm using a Silicon Image PCI0680 PCI card without any problems with 1
GB of RAM but had problems with 2 GB.  How much RAM do you have and
what kind of card are you using?
Martin Michlmayr

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