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Re: Sibyl Boot Loader

* Gary Smith <gary.smith@3phoenix.com> [2006-11-27 16:26]:
> bcm91250a:/usr/sbin# /usr/sbin/installboot -v /usr/lib/sibyl/sibyl.bin /dev/hdb1

My understanding is that you need /dev/hdb rather than /dev/hdb1.
sibyl will then be written directly to the beginning of the disk,
where it needs to be located.  The hdb1 partition only exists because
the sibyl binary is larger than the master boot record and so we're
creating a bogus partition at the beginning of which parts will be
used by sibyl.  Alternatively, you could create a root partition that
will not skip at the first sector, but there's currently no way to do
this in the installer, so we're using the bogus DOS partition.

Can you try
  /usr/sbin/installboot -v /usr/lib/sibyl/sibyl.bin /dev/hdb
and let me know whether the system boots?
Martin Michlmayr

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