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Re: Installing debian on O2

* Espen Smelror Hestdal <espenshestdal@hotmail.com> [2006-11-22 23:08]:
> I followed the instructions here http://www.cyrius.com/debian/o2/.
> Booting via tftp worked well with the images provided.I'm using the 
> ftp.nl.debian.org mirror atm.
> During the install it complained about no kernels available. I tried 
> looking for the kernel when the installation was done, but couln't find any.
> I tried using apt-get to find a kernel on the mirror, but no luck.
> So, do i have to build my own ? Or should a kernel be available somewhere ?

There is certainly a kernel in the archive: linux-image-2.6-r5k-ip32
Can you check the logs in /var/log to see why it failed to find a
Martin Michlmayr

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