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The most comprehensive Chinese Mandarin Speech Corpora in the world

Dear Sir or Madam,

Greetings from China!

We noted that you are doing speech recognition research. We are very interested and would like to establish business collaboration with you. 

Kingline (http://www.speechocean.com/indexe.asp ) is a professional speech Corpora producing company,  

With rich experiences in speech technology, we start the embryo in 1998, concentrating on speech corpora processing. Our comprehensive products include:
	More than 350-hour text-to-speech (TTS) corpora (including Chinese, Japanese Korean and Spanish etc) 
	3,000-hour Automatic 	Speech Recognition (ASR) corpora (recorded with various microphones, fixed phones, mobile phones, and car-carried phones) with high quality. 

Besides, we have also conducted a mass of post processing on demands, 
	Proofreading of phonetic transcriptions, 
	labeling phoneme boundaries in speech waveforms, 
	annotating break and stress indices,
	Transcribing recorded spontaneous speech. 

On basis of such massive data processing experiences, we have established a professional team and standardized the process of data collection, annotation and management, which guarantees the continuous improvement of our efficiency and quality. With such professional services, we always provide our customers the best service at reasonable prices with high efficiency.  

Our clients list includes:

Microsoft Research Asia






If you have any requirement concerning about speech corpora construction, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Fang Han
Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology Ltd.

Kingline Data Center

Tel: 86-10-5873-2559           

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