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Re: Etch running on an emulated DECstation

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 09:29:40PM -0400, prescott@phys.ufl.edu wrote:
> I would like to help keep DECstation support alive for Etch.
> I have plenty of hardware (DS 5000/240, 5000/150, 5000/120, and
> Personal DS 5000/33 and 5000/25), but free time is short (as it
> is for everyone).  I'd appreciate any advice on the best way to 
> begin - just start trying the daily built images?

Trying some recent images might help - personally I was unable to get
very far with the gxemul emulator and linux 2.6 kernels but I can't
say for sure wether the issue is in linux 2.6 or in gxemul. Testing on
an actual DECstation would at least tell us that - who knows, maybe it
even works on actual hardware :)

The other thing, if you have decent hardware for mipsel compiles, would be
to compile a few kernel trees and see what works. The linux-mips 2.4 tree
seems to work just fine with gxemul. I've not been too lucky trying to work
with various 2.6 kernel trees though.

Having one known-working 2.6 tree would be a very major help as we would then
have a base to port changes to the debian kernel tree and/or fix the emulator
if it behaves differently from native hardware.

I believe the plan is that all architectures must be migrated to linux 2.6
for etch ? Otherwise it should be easy enough to make a working linux 2.4
tree for DECstations (we already have working 2.4 kernels).


Michel "Walken" Lespinasse
"Bill Gates is a monocle and a Persian cat away from being the villain
in a James Bond movie." -- Dennis Miller

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