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Re: dpkg FTBFS on mips

* Nicolas François <nicolas.francois@centraliens.net> [2006-07-08 14:57]:
> dpkg currently FTBFS on mips, probably because of po4a or because of
> a missing locale on mips.

I don't think you can expect that a specific locale is installed on a
buildd but given that it only fails on mips I suppose there's some
other problem.

> Can anybody help me to fix this problem?
> Is there any public machine available for non DD?

FWIW, I can reproduce this bug in a chroot which didn't have the
locales package installed at all.  I didn't try whether installing
locales and building some would help.

Access is available on request.  If you want to track this down,
please send me a SSH key and I'll create an account.
Martin Michlmayr

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