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Re: Debian on a Qube 1: SSH connection refused

Pepillo wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions:
> > You could edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and increase the verbosity of
> > logging.
> I increased the verbosity to VERBOSE and DEBUG3,
> but still nothing in "auth.log".
> > Maybe it could be a problem with the ssh-client ?
> I tried with the OpenSSH client (3.8.1p1) from Debian Sarge
> and with Windows PuTTY 0.58. But ssh to an Qube 2 works fine
> with these both clients, so I guess its not problem of the ssh client
> (see below).
> > Add a new init script, that does lots of logging into a file you
> > can later retrieve [..]

This new init script should have 'set -x' at the top (assuming its
written in bash), then look at the output of this script when it starts
up (assuming you can, can you?).

If you can't, then put 

exec > /tmp/sshd.startup.log 2>&1

just after the set -x, which gets you the output in /tmp/... 


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