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Re: Qube2 and memory


I use a 128MB coupled with a 16MB ram unit, and I had similar problems. After 
having checked in the cobal bootloader that I did not confused their 
placement (it usually tell you that slot 1 should be slot 2 for instance) , 
it looks like the system became much more stable.

The spatial configuration is : the larger ram unit near the back front of the 
cobalt, the smaller near the front.

I also had several problems running a 2.4.27 kernel for cobalt, since Martin 
packaged 2.6 kernels, I did not encounter any crashes.

Hope this helps ;)

Le Mercredi 26 Avril 2006 19:24, Wolfgang Kohnen a écrit :
> Hello, folks!
> For my Qube 2 -- which is running Sarge -- I bought one new ram unit of
> 128 megs, in addition to the existing 64 megs unit I've had before. But
> with both memory units the system works very poor, crashes almost
> directly after booting or even during the boot process and both ethernet
> interfaces stop working with strange kernel messages. With just one of
> the two units, all works fine.
> Since that Qube is sort of a productive system I was not yet able to
> check, if my second memory slot is just broken. But first I'd like to
> ask you, if you know if I need to install two identical ram units
> instead of 64/128?
> Thanks in advance!
> Wollie

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