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Re: SGI O2 needs a home [USA]

The following machine is available to a developer in the States
interested in working on the MIPS port:

>  I have an SGI O2 workstation that I do not need.
>  I found the following information with SGI's utilities:
>     CPU:             1 x 180MHz MIPS R5000(MIPS) FPU
>     Memory:          192 MB
>     Graphics:        CRM
>     PROM Version:    4.12
>     Network:         Integral Ethernet: ec0 version 1
>     SCSI:            ADAPTEC 7880
>     SCSI Harddrive:  4206.20 MB
>  There was other information, but I figured this was enough.  It also
>  has a CD-ROM.  

> I will pay for shipping wherever it needs to go (within reason).

The machine is currently located in Boston, but can be shipped to
other parts of the States.  This machines has working graphics, so
could be used for X.org (David) or GIMP (Ari) work.
Martin Michlmayr

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