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Re: Sarge install on a DECstation 5k/33


>> Would that stop booting at this point? Other possibilties are:
>> console is switching from ttyS0 to the build-in framebuffer (I
>> alread removed the additional framebuffer, which was recognized
>> at boot),
>Have you tried setting the firmware's console parameter from '*' to 's' ?

It was set to 's' already.

>> kernel simply crashes (an nmap scan does not find open
>> ports, although exim has been started),
>A fatal kernel crash which kills the console would likely happen
>earlier. Try to boot with init=/bin/sh to find out if the serial
>consoel works.

It does. I was able to do some further work, even install gdb & locales,
but apt-get kept segfaulting on me.

>> I am missing a boot parameter
>> to get the installer running, or?
>root/console look like they were provided.

Yes, there was nothing wrong with the boot setup as such, only that
the installation was b0rked or at least not complete. Seems that there
had to be sone something more than just installing the right kernel,
delo, locales and mount /proc, but...

>> Am I wasting my time with sarge and should test etch beta installers
>> instead?
>If you want to see DECstation R3k support in etch it would be useful
>to test the beta installers.

OK, then I stop trying sarge and switch to etch. BTW, a woody install
is still busy compiling python scripts, just to confirm that the
hardware is still working ;-)

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