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Re: nasraq2 crashing and rebooting...

christian mock wrote:
> Hello,
> I've recently set up sarge on a nasraq2 (raq with 2 IDE channels and 2
> disks); problem is, the box is rebooting all the time, 10-20 times a
> day; sometimes it is just rebooting and comes up again immediately,
> sometimes it becomes unreachable (the box is in a remote location,
> I've only got network access) for a few hours and then re-appears.
> With all that talk about problems with network and disk load on
> cobalts, I'd like to know how those problems manifest themselves. Is
> the pattern I described something that could be kernel-related, or do
> I have to suspect a hardware problem? There's not much load on the
> machine, a bit of SMTP traffic basically.

Sounds like flaky RAM, probably caused by corroded sockets.

The known symptoms are a lock-up under heavy I/O load, and an extreme
slow down (down to standstill) of network traffic when two interfaces
are used at the same time.


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