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Etch install report on Indy R4000-PC


I recently extracted that old Indy (R4000-PC, 100MHz) from my pile of
junk, and gave the Etch installer a go (net install, serial console).

Got the install image from :


This one doesn't work. Image loads fine, tip22 says it boots the
kernel, and everything stops here.

Then tried the 2.4 image, which works nicely.

Tried to upgrade to a 2.6.16 kernel, that wouldn't boot. Noticied this
2.6 kernel is a 64bit one.

Compiled my own 2.6.16, 32bit kernel, which works fine. Tried to
compile another 64bit kernel, which fails to boot.

So, in the end, it looks like 64bit kernels are busted on this
particular IP22 (I have yet to try on my Indigo2).

Maybe providing 32bit 2.6 kernels would be a good thing...


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