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Re: strace broken on debian/testing?

* Michael Dosser <mic@nethack.at> [2006-02-14 11:56]:
> I'm not sure if this only happens to me and I am not sure who is the 
> culprit. I tested this on a freshly upgraded Debian/GNU Linux mips 
> testing from today on two machines (both IP22, one is a SGI Indy, the
> other a SGI Indigo2, both have a 2.4.27 kernel). I further compiled 
> strace from sources (not from debian sources) and it's behaving the 
> same. Is this a bug in strace?

Reminds me of "#299204: strace: unusable on mipsel" which applies to
stable but should be fixed in testing.  Can you check whether you're
really running the kernel from testing?
Martin Michlmayr

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