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Re: Experimental MIPS 2.6 kernels - please test

Hi all!

Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
     # SGI Indy (R4000, R5000), Indigo2
     apt-get install linux-image-r4k-ip22

I already told Martin on IRC that the kernel works nice on an Indy (R4400SC 200MHz), but telling it here may help some people to make the step and install it on their own machine.

The machine is running with this kernel for about 48 hours, and it spent almost all of the time building packages. This kernel seems to be stable!

The sound is also working correctly, and I have seen an improvement on the hard disk speed (+30 %), though it is still slow.

As for the framebuffer, I have no screen on this machine, so I can't test.


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