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Re: Experimental MIPS 2.6 kernels - please test

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [2006-01-25 02:23]:
>      # Cobalt (Qube, RaQ, Qube2, RaQ2)
>      apt-get install linux-image-r5k-cobalt

For people interested in trying these on Cobalt, you should probably
stick the following in your /boot/default.colo file so you can easily
go back to 2.4 in case of problems:

qube:~# cat /boot/default.colo
var boot "hda1"
var root "/dev/hda2"

var args ""
mount {boot}
select 'BOOT SELECTION' 50 'Debian' 'recovery mode' 'Debian (old)'
goto {menu-option}
@lcd 'Booting Debian'
load /vmlinux
goto 3
@lcd 'Booting into' 'recovery mode'
load /vmlinux
var args "single"
goto 2
@lcd 'Booting Debian' '/vmlinux.old'
load /vmlinux.old
@execute root={root} console=ttyS0,{console-speed} {args}

Martin Michlmayr

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