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HD Speed Problem

Here is what I experienced. Perhaps someone will have some idea about
why this happen. I installed (unpacked) the system on the 20GB 7400RPM
HD that came with the Qube 2 yesterday. I used method described here
http://www.cyrius.com/debian/cobalt/no-serial.html. After that I
replaced the kernel with the one that supports serial terminal. After
booting the drive I did a read and Write test on the disk. I first
created a large file by running:

cat /proc/kcore > big_file

Running that for a 50 sec or so created a ~1GB file on the drive.
After that I tested the reed speed by running:

time cp big_file /dev/null

That, I think, would just read the file and dump it into nothingness.
Amazingly I got about 18MB/sec reed speed, and comparable write speed.
Further, I did a disk to same disk copy of the file and got a
reasonable 4.43MB/s. (not grate, but ok)

After system update however, and installing samba, doing the same test
resulted in under 3MB/sec read to null test and little less then
1MB/sec disk to same disk copy.  I am not sure what happen. I am going
to run through this again perhaps tomorrow and do the reed/write speed
test after each step. I am not sure why this is happening, but it
looks like the qube is not all that slow, as I confirmed that original
reed test 3 times at the time (I was stunned because it outperformed
my scsi array on the initial test).

I also experienced very, very slow SAMBA transfer speeds. As slow as
700KB/s reed and write. My network is 100Mb/s, and as far as I know
qube 2 should support 100Mb/s. I have the Qube 2 with 64MB of RAM.

I appreciate your help alot. If you get any ideas, please let me know.
Thank you,

 - Bogdan

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