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Re: Embeddded Debian meetup @ Extremadura

+++ Riku Voipio [06-01-03 15:17 +0200]:
> Hi,
> emDebian development is again a bit staganting. One option to fuel
> some fire is to have a worksession[0] at Extremadura[1][2]. 

> I would personally favour March 22-26/April 19-23, as this would let us
> have something to show at debconf for wider audience. If you have any
> preferences for timing, you get to vote by promising to do some things
> out of the list :)

Yep- This is a good idea. I had considered it myself and failed to do
anything about it - well done Riku for action.

I can make the second of those dates, and will certainly come if it happens.
My primary areas of interest at the moment is arm EABI work, emdebian
cross-compiler improvements (make testing, unstable, gcc4, armeb variants
available, and fix bugs in existing stable versions), and making an emdebian
(glibc) distro available (particularly for balloon3).

Aleph One Ltd, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 9BA, UK  Tel +44 (0) 1223 811679
work: http://www.aleph1.co.uk/     play: http://www.chaos.org.uk/~wookey/

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