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Re: Embeddded Debian meetup @ Extremadura


So many important topics, so little time!

* prepare uclibc ports [4]

Sadly, I'm not a DD (yet) but I could definitely get behind this proposal. Not only does it benefit embedded in a BIG way, but it also keeps Debian relevant on the class of machines that will likely be used in developing countries for the next few years. And I'm not talking just about x86 architectures.

I would love to stand up a fully-working armel-uclibc port, or at least get the essential and build-essential packages running. I use debootstrap, so lack of an installer wouldn't be a problem.

* cross-compiling for buildd's

I'm doing cross distcc now.  :)

I would personally favour March 22-26/April 19-23, as this would let us
have something to show at debconf for wider audience. If you have any
preferences for timing, you get to vote by promising to do some things
out of the list :)

Please rise your hand ( _o/ ) or edit wiki[0] directly if you have
interest in this happening, and I'll contact Extremadura.

I could be persuaded to attend for April 19-23 if I wasn't going to be the only one there doing uclibc stuff. Especially if the bulk of my travel/attendance expenses (from USA) were covered.

Lennert?  Wookey?


Bill Gatliff

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