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Re: bash_3.0-17_mips.deb

faxmodem@free.fr wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this is off-topic - I now have doubts on the list's purpose (see
> last thread on the subject).
> I installed bash_3.0-17_mips.deb and my login shells started to go crazy, as
> well as all cron/at jobs, bash taking up all CPU and hanging >:-(
> This is not the case on i386 version
> I reverted back to bash_3.0-16_mips.deb
> I am beginning to worry about debian-testing:
> mysql, find, kernel-image, now bash... looks to me unstable is more stable
> than testing...

There are currently some transitions going on for testing/etch which
tend to cause some breakage. The alternative would be to get a
dependency maze in unstable which grows larger and larger, and will
only transition when most of its bugs were fixed in unstable, i.e.
not before the next release freeze, when it is too late for large

If you need a stable system, use stable, not testing.


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