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Re: Raq2 Question

Mav8989@wideopenwest.com wrote:
> I currently have a raq 2 with 128 megs of ram and a 13 gig harddrive but 
> apt-get in the config after install freezes it gets part of the way then 
> drops the connection and looses connection to any dns server.

This is a known problem in the 2.4.27-10.040815-1 kernel, the older
2.4.27-8... as used in the installer image doesn't have that problem,
newer ones like the version in unstable or the prospective security
update are also ok.

Updating to a newer kernel (e.g. from unstable) can be tricky because
of the flaky network connection, the best way I found is via the
installer image's "Execute a shell" feature.


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