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Re: nature of GOT bugs (was Re: Please reenable GCJ on mips

> > * or a bug in ld.so -- inability to handle correctly specified multiple 
> > for more than 16k global symbols
Thiemo wrote:
> That (it shouldn't segfault), and/or potentially also a bug in ld which
> leads to failure for large MultiGOT binaries.

Rocking.  It looks like most people involved (Daniel, Andreas, ...) weren't 
aware that the main problem was ld.so segfaulting until very recently -- when 
I asked, nobody pointed to the dynamic linker until you did.  Thanks.

I'll try to report this to glibc bugzilla if nobody beats me to it (it clearly 
seems to be upstream, not Debian-specific); that will make a good place for 
coordinating information on this situation, and also something to point to 
next time someone like me asks "Why the *?&% isn't gcj built on MIPS?".  Many 
eyes make light work and all that.

Again, thanks, and apologies to you, Matthias, and Daniel for my tone.  It 
gets very frustrating when nobody's written anything down, everyone points in 
different directions, and most of them are confused.  All better now.  :-)

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