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Re: Please reenable GCJ on mips

>> Apparently the MIPS ABI is just plain broken.  It contains some sort of 
>> impassable hard limit on relocation table size, breaking random packages at 
>> random times with no possible fix.  Nobody can fix this without changing 
>> the ABI.

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
>That's wrong.

OK.  Can somebody *describe* the damned bug?  Is it a hard limit on GOT size 
which can't be exceeded (but breaks a predictable collection of packages)?  
Is it a bug in the way ld constructs the GOT (say, not subdividing it 
properly into multiple GOTs for 'multigot')?  Is it a bug in the way the gcj 
Makefile *uses* ld, preventing ld from having the right information to 
construct the GOT?  (If it's the latter, I can almost certainly fix it; I'm a 
configury maintainer upstream for GCC.)

Or is it a  mystical bug which nobody can actually describe which causes GOT 
overflow in mysterious cases for mysterious reasons not to be questioned by 
mortal men?  Because that's what it seems like, what with all these vague and 
meaningless comments I'm hearing.  Does anyone actually know what the problem 

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