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New Rabbit Monoclonal Abs from Epitomics

Epitomics Rabbit Monoclonal Newsletter - Sep 20th
New Rabbit Monoclonals

NF-Kappa-B p65
Nibrin / NBS1
p120 Catenin
PKC alpha

View the complete list of rabbit monoclonals.

PKR C-term
PKR N-term

Dual IHC Staining using Epitomics Rabbit Monoclonals
The advent of Rabbit Monoclonal antibodies have opened up the possibility of performing reliable and clean dual IHC staining of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

IHC staining of Breast Cancer Tissue Samples stained with :

  p53 (RabMAb)                  HER2 (RabMAb)
  Vimentin (Mouse mAb)      ER-alpha (Mouse mAb)         
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About Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies
Epitomics is the original provider of RabMab technology enabling the creation of stable rabbit hybridoma cells for the production of rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

Benefits of rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RabMAbs)
Superior quality detection in immunoassays,
including Western Blot, IHC, ICC, IP, and Flow Cytometry
Enhanced epitope recognition compared to mouse
Rabbit antibodies are characterized by higher specificity and affinity
Superior response to phospho specific epitopes and other modifications
Learn More about Epitomics RabMAb technology.
FAQs about Epitomics RabMAb technology.
Custom RabMAbs -can't find the quality antibody you need ?
Epitomics also offers custom Rabbit Monoclonal antibody services and would be happy to talk with you about your needs.

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