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Re: Help getting an Octane running.

Mike Martin wrote:
> I now have access to an SGI Octane and would like to get Debian running on it.
> I followed the Netboot instruction for the Indy and used the Gentoo
> image from here:
> http://dev.gentoo.org/~kumba/mips/netboot/ip30/ip30-r10k+-20050530.img.bz2
> It boots up perfectly. No issues.
> Can someone point me in the right direction for getting from here
> (busybox shell) to getting the Debian installer going?
> Is there a Debian tftpboot.img I should/could be using?
> Once I've got this going, I'll write up a how-to. There doesn't seem
> to be one right now!

The debian-installer currently doesn't support the Octane (some
preliminary things have been done, but not more). OTOH, you did
already most of the setup which is usually handles by debian-installer.

To get a working debian installation, partition the disks (I think
the gentoo image has fdisk), create and mount filesystems, and
extract the big endian tarball from
http://people.debian.org/~ths/chroot-tarballs/ into the mountpoint.

Do a chroot and configure the basics like network and apt sources,
'base-config' should handle most of the rest.

If you want to boot the system from disk, you will need Stanislaw's
arcload (not packaged yet). You may also want to try a debian-style
kernel, available for now from
but hopefully soon in the regular archive.


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