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Re: Seeking help with porting postgresql+gcc 4 to MIPS

Hi Aurelien!

Aurelien Jarno [2005-08-18  0:36 +0200]:
> As I am only a Debian developer with a mips machine, I can't install
> those packages. However, I have found the problem from postgresql-7.4.
> You will find attached a patch to fix it. Basically the problems comes
> from the -funit-at-a-time option which is now enabled by default by gcc
> with the -O2 option. Here is a part of the manpage:

Argh, tricky. Thanks a lot for finding that out! 

> My patch fixes that by passing the -fno-unit-at-a-time option when 
> building s_lock.c. A proper fix would be to write inline code that will
> go to s_lock.h, but I don't have enough knowledge in the mips assembly
> to write such a code.

That patch is already much better than my gcc 3.3 workaround, so I'll
apply it in the next upload. Now that we know the source of the problem,
I'll prod upstream about it.

> For postgresql-8.0, I suppose the problem is the same, I'll have a look
> tomorrow.

Certainly, the locking code didn't change significantly.

Thanks again,

Martin Pitt              http://www.piware.de
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