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Re: Networking with the SGI O2

Stuart Reeves wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a bit of a long shot and perhaps off-topic, for which I apologise
> in advance.
> I've been trying to get any network card at all working with my SGI O2's
> PCI slot. Linux reports properly in lspci, for example, when I put a
> Realtek 8139-clone card (a D-Link, to be precise). However, loading the
> 8139too driver prompts error messages about the chip not being
> communicable with. I tried a few other standard cards (e.g., a tulip-based
> and e100-based cards), but with various other errors.
> So, either my install of linux (debian, sarge, using the O2 boot image)
> doesn't support this PCI slot properly because of various hardware issues,
> or the physical O2 hardware itself does not like having any PCI cards in
> it.
> Again, it's a long shot, but does anyone know which of these eventualities
> is actually true?

Both, to some degree. The SGI hardware has an "interesting" interpretation
of the PCI standard, and the driver for the O2 is severly broken.

Some simple USB cards are known to work, I believe anything which needs
DMA is broken for now.


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