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Re: kernel-image-2.4.27-r5k-cobalt - possible issues

Ricky Chan wrote:
> I built debian 3.1 on mips raq2 cobalt with the well known buggy network
> card yesterday using the new installer rather then then old telnet
> method.  However I got some unexpected results.
> The pings times to this box was less than 0.5ms which was fine, however
> as soon as you start downloading packages, the ping time starting
> incrementing by 1000ms for each ping.
> I have built around 30/40 of these boxes but used the older 2.4.25
> kernel or put my own custom built kernel (2.6.9)
> http://www.ricky-chan.co.uk/raq2-mips/
> on it.
> By copying slowing my 2.6.9 kernel over (failed a lot of times!), I was
> able to install and reboot the cobalt.  The network issues then no
> longer existed.
> I was wondering if the maintainer of the kernel may have forgot to apply
> the infamous timing patch on the galileo-tulip on the kernel?

The maintainer has no access to a cobalt machine for kernel development
and has to rely on efforts by others. Could you build the source package
at http://people.debian.org/~ths/mips-kernels/cobalt-test/
(it builds only the cobalt kernel) via

dpkg-source -x *.dsc
apt-get build-dep kernel-patch-2.4.27-mips
cd kernel-patch-2.4.27-mips-2.4.27
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot -B

and tell me if the resulting 2.4.27 kernel works for you?


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