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Re: Origin 200 (IP27) installer?

On Friday 15 April 2005 06:32, you wrote:
> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > I have found the .debs for IP27 kernels, but am wondering if anyone
> > has built a copy of the debian installer (preferably sarge, but
> > woody would be fine too) with a MIPS64 kernel, so I can try to
> > install the machine? A net-bootable installer that actually works
> > on this thing would be really nice.
> IP27 needs support in the arcboot bootloader to make an installer
> useful. This is somewhere on my TODO list, but don't hold your
> breath. Write the arcboot support instead. ;-)

No, it doesn't, I can deal with netbooting it, or I can shove a kernel 
into an xfs partition now that there's XFS support in the mainstream 
kernel.  I just want a netboot installer image that'll lay down 
something useful on the disk...  I don't have any other MIPS systems 
running Debian yet that can do that, though I suppose I could try 
installing to another machine and move the disk over...

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