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Re: Debian upgrade on Qube1 failure

* Christian Gruber <cg@chilia.com> [2005-04-13 13:31]:
> I've installed the debian-mips tarball from Martin Michlmayr (thanks
> for the tarball) on my QubeI (2700wg). Everthing worked fine until I
> did a apt-get upgrade: when I rebooted my qube it stopped with
> "Starting Debian" on the lcd. It`s hard to find any hint because the
> qube has no serial console.

The tarball contains kernel 2.4.27-7.040815-1.noserial but the archive
now has 2.4.27-8.040815-1.  So I assume that got installed and it will
try to access the serial console which will crash the box.  I'll have
to prepare a new tarball but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it.
Martin Michlmayr

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