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Test build on mipsen needed for kdebindings


  currently kdebindings FTBFS on mipsen machines, due to the well known
  limitation on the size of the relocation table (or whatever the
  appropriate name is). The relevant bug is #282134.

  I've implemented the -Wa,-xgot solution recommended by Thiemo Seufer,
  and I'd like to test now that it really solves the problem before
  uploading. Since I'm still in NM, I'd appreciate if someone on the
  list could do a test build for me on mipsen hardware, or point me to
  another place to ask.

  The build fails when compiling libsmokeqt. The package that fixes that
  is [1]. I _suspect_, though, that one libsmokeqt gets compiled, it may
  fail in the much bigger (almost 3x) libsmokekde. I've made separate
  packages [2] for this fix, because Thiemo recommends "Do _not_ add it
  for other binaries, it may cause silent breakage otherwise". Please
  compile this second packages if the first fail, and report if they
  build successfully, or if there is still another lib needing -xgot.

  Thanks in advance.

    [1] http://the-swirl.org/~adeodato/tmp/2005/04/10/kdebindings-xgot/kdebindings_3.3.2-2~pre1+xgot1.dsc

    [2] http://the-swirl.org/~adeodato/tmp/2005/04/10/kdebindings-xgot/kdebindings_3.3.2-2~pre1+xgot2.dsc

Adeodato Simó
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