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Re: O2 installation problems

Oleg K wrote:
> I'm using boot image found on this site: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/o2/
> and everything goes smoothly all the way to the point where the installer
> formats the partition (ext2/3). When that part of the installer loads error
> console spews out something about modprobe and the fact it cannot parse
> something.

Hard to say without a better description of "something", but it might
be a harmless mismatch between 2.4 modutils and 2.6 kernel.

> Then when I'm selecting OK for "Apply changes? Your partition
> will be permantly wiped blah blah...". Then it promptly crashes. Error
> console reports that mkfs (or something of that nature) seg faulted. 

Hm, fdisk has sometimes trouble with parition tables created by other
tools, which can be worked around by clearing the start of the disk
with dd if=/dev/zero ... . But without the literal error message this
is also just a guess.

> I tried ext2 and 3.. same result. 
> Harddrive is partitioned like this (it's exactly the same as here:
> http://www.pvv.org/~pladsen/Indy/HOWTO.html, although mine doesn't have
> anything under "Directory Entries" and frankly I have no idea what that is):

Those are the "bootfile entries" aka bootloader binaries in the volume
header. For a freshly created disklabel it's empty, for a successful
debian sarge install it's a single entry named "arcboot".


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