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Re: Compiling Debian from source, with GCC 3.4.2

Laurence Darby <ldarby@mips.com> writes:

> Hi,
> It's my task to compile a complete Debian distribution from source.  The
> main goal is to test our version of the GCC compiler, SDE, which is based
> on 3.4.2, and has more tuning/optimisations for the MIPS architecture. The
> second goal is to be able to say: "Here is a Debian distribution, compiled
> with our compiler, and look, it's smaller and faster". A third goal is
> going to find every single package that wont compile out of the box.

You are a bit late for some things. Debian amd64 already had a full
sid archive compiled with gcc-3.4 for some time and many patches have
been send to the BTS for it. Since some month the archive even uses
gcc-4.0 and even more patches have been send.

But of cause that doesn't mean mips won't trigger some more bugs.


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