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Re: Anyone orderes SUN Cobalt RAM there ?


I have some for sale on ebay (http://tinyurl.com/kd3t). I will post to



Hallo Guido, 

Am 2004-12-31 20:42:05, schrieb Guido Zeiger:
> Hi,
> has anyone ordered Ram by this company?
> I would like to have these prices here in Germany :-))

You can get it... Ich auch.

> But I dont know how much tax additinal it would cost here in Germany,  
> but
> without the Tax they are much cheaper as the 2*128MB for 160EUR which
> Marcus Schwarz did pay in August 2004 to a german selling company.

Forget it, because all Commercials declare the Package as
Computerparts and what is inside. Mabe you do not pay the
duty, but the MwSt (VAT).

> My Qube2 has "only" 64MB.
> With this prices I would like to take also 2*128MB .-))

I have gotten 2 x 64 MByte and 2 x 128 MByte on
<http://www.eBay.de/> for around 120 € and NEW !

> Bye
> Guido.

> 128MB Sun Cobalt Qube 2 Memory
> $49.00

> Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan,  
> Luxembourg, Macau, Monaco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, San Marino,  
> Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Wales - $30

Shiping is the Hell !!!

Two modules (98) plus shiping (30) plus SWIFT (~11€)
and VAT (16%)... andd mabe the duty-tax

It is to expensive...


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