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heads-up: out-of-date mipsel binaries temporarily ignored for testing


Since the mipsel buildds are currently treading water with respect to the
build queue and thus holding a number of RC bugfixes out of testing, the
release team has decided to ignore mipsel out-of-dateness for testing
propagation for the time being.  This is a temporary change, done to cut
down on the number of release issues we need to track while the mipsel
situation stabilizes.

This is not a request for additional hardware, this message is just to
inform mipsel folks of the change so they know what they're looking at when
mipsel doesn't have the same packages in testing as everyone else.  The
mipsel port will have an opportunity to catch up down the line -- if nothing
else, the volume of packages in need of building will be fairly fixed once
the freeze starts, and the buildds will make easy work of them.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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