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RE: RM300 / RM400 hardware

The machines are in Cambridge (UK) And from what I have learned are PCI
and still running - Me getting my hands on the hardware depends on 
the speed at which the company which has them can migrate to server
2003. I am still waiting on detailed specs and the actual machines
themselves, all I know is that the RM300 is supposedly faster than the

Hope that helps,


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On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 08:40:16AM -0000, Nick Davidson wrote:

> It seems like I may get my hands one of each fairly soon, as made by 
> fujitsu siemens and bought sometime in 95 and I am aware that debian /

> linux doesn't fully support these machines. My question is, would 
> anybody find the hardware useful as a gift or a loan?Please be aware 
> that I havent yet received the machines and so its all strictly 
> theoretical at the moment.

I'm maintaining the Linux kernel for the RM200 C and due my hardware
dying I could use a replacement fairly urgently.  Note I only received
hardware documentation for the RM200 / RM300 C models and I'm not sure
how different others variants of the RM family are, so what model
variants are those, do you know if they have EISA and / or PCI bus, what
processors?  The C variant which currently is supported has both EISA
and PCI and R4600 processors. The older B version which yours might be
only has EISA and usually came with R4400 processors.  Also, where are
those machines located?



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