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Re: How to set a lower rate on the serial console?

Hi Martin,

today I did receive a FINLUX ELT220, a 10" LCD VT220 serial-Terminal (monochrom with yellow backlight) which only work upto 38.400bps

So I changed the serial rate for the BootMenue (accessed via the Keys on the Qube2) via my PC from 115200 to 38400.

By testing it on the PC with a 38.400er-Hyperterminal it displays all things correct, but not the login.

I asked google and did get the answer to search for getty at the /etc/inittab.

At the last lines I did find the entry for the ttys0 and 115200 Baud and changed it to 38400 and vt220-Emulation.

Now my little LCD-Terminal did work.... with a original LK201/401-Keyboard :-)) (ESC on PF11)


Am 30.12.2004 um 18:52 schrieb Martin Michlmayr:

Please see README.shell:

serial [rate | default | on | off ]

If called with an argument of 'on' or 'off' the serial port is enabled
or disabled respectively, otherwise the command configures the boot
shell serial baud rate.

The baud rate will be set to the nearest supported rate. The change
will not take effect until the unit is rebooted.

If called with an argument of 'default' the baud rate is set back to
the default value set at compile time.

If called with no arguments the saved baud rate setting is printed.

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