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debian on origin200


i have here Origin200 and want to pu debian on it. Until now i'have been using
slackware, so my host machine is slack10.0 at the moment. 

I found LINUX-IP27-HOWTO and other similar docs at

After downloading all debian-mips ISOs, i prepared 1st for "repacking".
Actually, I am at the moment of compiling a kernel for ip27. I have found
kernel-ip27 config but it doesn't work (?), so i used deefault (?) for
/usr/src/linux/arch/mips/kernel (or some similar path, i am not at my machine)
and when it tries to compile sais something like: 

"cannot find mips64-..-gcc .." 

I suppose that I have to recompile my gcc (3.3.4) with some kind of support
for mip64 platfrom? 

Am I missing something or I am on the right way? Thanks...

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