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Is ext2/LVM2 working on mips?

Hi all,
I have some logical volumes mounted as ext3 file system. They are
working well, but every time I resize a fs, it gets corrupted and I have
to create a new fs from scratch. This is the error:

root@sgi:~# lvextend -L +256M /dev/sgivg/locallv
  Extending logical volume locallv to 768,00 MB
  Logical volume locallv successfully resized
root@sgi:~# ext2resize /dev/sgivg/locallv
ext2resize v1.1.17 - 2001/03/18 for EXT2FS 0.5b
ext2resize: ext2_open: invalid superblock
ext2resize: can't open /dev/sgivg/locallv

I checked that this is a known problem (#258232) for ext2resize when
working on ext3 filesystems, but it doesn't work even for plain ext2

Does anyone have the same problem? What filesystem are you using on


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