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Origin 200


I have here a SGI Origin 200 (2x R10000, big-endian). I fiddled around to get Debian-MIPS running, it worked more or less, booting the kernel was the easier part (with a recent 2.6.9), I then mounted a NFS share from an i386, where I debootstrap-ed a basic Sarge MIPS system, but that did not fully work, he complained about libc6 missing, although it was installed etc. I will try that again soon.

However, this is not meant to be a post asking for help, I rather wanted to ask if my Origin could be useful for you Debian-MIPS developers - I can not physically give it to you, my boss would not be too happy with that I guess, but if maybe I put it online somewhere (with Linux or with IRIX, the next week will show), would that be of any use for you?

 Manuel Kiessling

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